Kinghappy – “Biography”


Tabo kunolu aka Kinghappy bunny is a rapper, singer,songwriter,producer , script writer and actor . Kunolu was born in 2001 since birth he had a thing for art ,he featured in an advert when he was around 5 years and also recorded adverts at around 8 years old though his interest was in music little did he know that the adverts could lead him to develop an interest in acting too . At the age of 15 years he decided to come up with a record label which he called royal family though it was a fail due to various reasons known to himself he never threw the idea of him having a record label . Over the years he worked as a manager for various artists a career of which he cut short due to school , a few years after putting a stop to being a manager he finally had an opportunity to get in the studio at the age of 16 according to Kinghappy ” though the song was never recorded but it was a hit song with a nice beat ” Kinghappy recorded his first official track at the age of 18 which he featured jos-n who also happens to have produced the song and in the song he spoke a little about his life and the dual named the song story of my life . A year after Kinghappy introduced a bunny to his name and did a song I don’t care which he featured FIZZO thaga ,kdi and 6lackhood universal in that year he also met x Jay dollar who and the dual including FIZZO thaga have given good music like I ghat a rage and genius both produced by richbuck or jos-n under 724 R3cords a label that signed Kinghappy Bunny and made him the star he is now . In his rise to fame kinghappy bunny met alot of people like jae Dee who produced his song new page which saw doors open for him especially in terms of features . In 2019 Tabo tried out the drama class which he admits was just a test drive though he was busy rapping and studying to get a role in plays at school but it did teach him how to write scripts,direct and act which he used else where and in 2020 after the release of genius and getting


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