Slam Gee – “Biography”


Slam Gee aka Kennedy Muchende
Slam Gee Ndise Tiliko real/full name is Kennedy Muchende, is a Zambian hip hop musician. Slam means to make noise then the Gee he got it from his Grandmother’s name, Grace.

Slam Gee is the CEO of NATO Tigers, he started is music career in 2012 and got signed to Dope Empire Crew. After hearing him on radio, Zed New Boyz from Matero signed Slam Gee.

Slam born on the 25th of February. Slam Gee first got in the game during his primary school years. Battling school mates and winning recognition, he soon realized that he could make Hip-hop a valuable career.

His career began to get moving in 2014 when he worked on a song called ‘Zibapali life Yako’ and was identified by promoters when he did his mixtape in 2016 by the name called ‘Special Mixtape’ which he had promote in the year 2017. Slam Gee has got no record label he likes to work with so many producers Ndise Tiliko that’s the slogan for Slam Gee.

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